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2021 Transportation Safety Board awards

2021 award recipients

Chair’s Award

Nathalie Lepage

Nathalie Lepage
Photo of Nathalie Lepage

This year Chair’s Award was given to Nathalie Lepage for her outstanding and distinguished career at the TSB.

Nathalie is qualified as a train conductor and has considerable experience in TSB investigation processes and communications.

Nathalie has been with our team for over 30 years. First as a student, then a secretary, an editor, and acting manager of public affairs, and finally as a senior investigator/standards and performance officer for the integrated the Rail and Pipeline Investigations Branch in 2011. That same year, Nathalie obtained her locomotive engineer.

As a senior rail investigator, Nathalie never hesitates to provide support to all rail investigations in the Rail/Pipeline Investigations Branch.

In the past year, she has been instrumental in completing her investigation, as IIC, and contributing in roles as:

Nathalie has committed her working time at the TSB to serving our goals and contributing directly to the advancement of safety.  She never hesitates to offer her vast experience and knowledge to investigations.  She has been a pillar of stability and corporate knowledge for the successful delivery of rail safety investigations.

Key Contributor in Investigations Award 

Heather Parker

Heather Parker
Photo of Heather Parker

Heather has been an integral contributor to a number of recent marine investigations, including the George H. Ledcor (M18P0230), the Lafarge Eagle (M20P0320), the Arctic Fox II (M20P0229), and the Spirit of Sooke (M19P0029). Last year, Heather was involved in the Spirit of Sooke investigation, an occurrence where a volunteer search and rescue lifeboat grounded at high speed and resulted in serious injuries to all 4 volunteers on board. The investigation identified risks relating to the operational risk assessment process that the search and rescue organization used to assess risk in missions, as well as safe speed, fitness for duty, occurrence reporting, safety management, and external safety oversight.

Heather was an active team member on the investigation from start to finish. She led the safety analysis, assisted with structuring the report, participated in briefings and interviews, and gathered medical data. She took the lead in ensuring that all safety investigation methodology techniques were followed and documented, and contributed to writing concise factual and analysis sections of the report. Without a doubt, the high quality of the resulting investigation report would not have been possible without her dedication and excellent investigation work. All of this was completed while Heather was working on an accommodation as she was recovering from a serious illness.

We would like to recognize Heather’s tremendous effort on the Spirit of Sooke investigation, as well as previous other modal investigations, and thank her for being a Key Contributor in Investigations at the TSB.

Distinguished Employee Award 

Natacha Gaudet

This year’s Distinguished Award was given to Natacha Gaudet.
Natacha is a colleague who always treats every request as if it were her top priority and handles it quickly and efficiently. She is dedicated and always makes sure that the job is done on time. She cares about what she does and puts time and energy into her work, always with a smile and a dash of humour.

Natacha is a perfect candidate for the Distinguished Employee Award because she is not only exemplary, but she also inspires people to do their best in any situation. I’d also like to point out how organized Natacha has been in ordering and arranging deliveries of materials requested by employees to accommodate and facilitate their work at home since the beginning of the pandemic. And that’s only part of her job. She also performs supervisory and other Service Officer duties specific to her role.

Her openness and honesty are appreciated and support the improvement of internal processes. With Natacha, we know that the work will always be done properly. We’re fortunate to work with someone like her, and her fine work deserves to be recognized.

Natacha Gaudet
Photo of Natacha Gaudet

Distinguished Team Award

IT Team: Geneviève Villeneuve, Wad Cadet, Mitch Leclair, Steve Grégoire, Robert Mageau, Marc Lalande

The 2021 Distinguished Team Award was presented to the IT Team.

The pandemic has brought its share of challenges. Thanks to the IT Team, network access and continuity of remote operations have not been among the challenges we have had to deal with over the past year. We were able to continue our operations virtually uninterrupted from Day 1 of the lockdown: kudos to the IT team!

While many organizations have struggled to adapt to the new working conditions imposed on us since March 16, 2020, the TSB migrated to a completely electronic work environment in record time, thanks to the tireless work and dedication of the IT Team.

Unlike dozens of other federal departments, the TSB did not feel any negative impact from the pandemic on its remote network access. We can thank the IT Team for their hard work over the past year in responding to requests for technical assistance, ensuring the security of our networks as remote access demand ramped up, and continuing to build infrastructure that enables us to telework effectively.

We are also grateful to them for preparing, configuring, purchasing and distributing equipment while continuing to provide employees with efficient computer support service: bravo, and thank you.

Geneviève Villeneuve
Photo ofGeneviève  Villeneuve
Wadner Cadet
Photo of Wadner  Cadet
Mitch Leclair
Photo of Mitch Leclair
Steve Grégoire
Photo of Steve Grégoire
Robert Mageau
Photo of Robert Mageau
Marc Lalande
Photo of Marc Lalande

Living Our Values Awards

Ari Rosberg

Ari Rosberg
Photo of Ari Rosberg

Ari's behavior and attitudes reflect what I believe is the essence of the Living our Values Award. His conscientious performance, integrity and can-do attitude have not wavered since first joining the TSB in 2016.

Ari enriches the environment within the Macro Analysis team as well as the broader TSB. He is respectful, courteous, and level-headed in his interactions with colleagues at all levels.

Ari is very open to understanding the opinions of others and sharing / communicating openly. He is eager to try to understand others' viewpoints by listening respectfully and being open and receptive; and by taking the time necessary to understand the bigger picture. This behavior is helpful in supporting the TSB to achieve its mandate. For example, he is a very active member of the TSB's Data Strategy working group, where multi-disciplinary members work cohesively to develop the organization's data strategy moving forward. Ari's performance adds significant value to the TSB's efforts to become more of a data-driven organization and its broader strategic plans in this area.

Ari shows initiative and is willing to take risks by exploring innovative approaches to tackle issues and improve the way the Macro Analysis division works within the TSB. These actions improve how data are reported, interpreted and used by the TSB in its operations.

Ari volunteers on a diverse range of TSB committees that focus on improving the broader work environment; for example, the Team Building and Open Government Working Groups. He is an able host to many TSB social events.

Ari shows consideration by being keen to use both English and French in communications with employees across the TSB.

Ari is generous with colleagues and senior management, assisting them when required. He works with integrity in all activities, and is committed to excellence in his work both within the TSB and with external stakeholders, such as the National Airlines Council of Canada (NACC), ICAO, TC and Statistics Canada.

Ghyslain Ranger

Ghyslain Ranger
Photo of Ghyslain Ranger

Ghyslain is someone who demonstrates great respect in his interactions with people. Over the past year, he has faced new challenges that have necessitated a higher-than-normal level of consultations with the staffing team, in addition to all the other unusual cases due to the pandemic.

Although there are differing opinions in many cases, Ghyslain has always been open-minded while stating his views in a professional, honest manner and ensuring that everyone has a clear understanding of the issues. Ghyslain is also sensitive to the various situations that may have led individuals to their current situation. He is non-judgemental and addresses each different situation with an open mind. Whatever the situation, he never passes judgement on the people he interacts with, and as a team member, we feel comfortable consulting with Ghyslain.

In addition, Ghyslain never hesitates to keep his team informed of developments in various files in order to broaden their knowledge in another area of human resources. Ghyslain is someone who encourages the team to take initiatives to improve existing procedures. He always gives constructive and respectful feedback. Ghyslain is an exemplary teammate and a good listener who is able to remain calm and supportive of his team in the many difficult situations involving HR. He also has an excellent sense of humour, which has made our work atmosphere more harmonious and motivating during the pandemic.

Rising Star Awards

Dean Campbell

Dean Campbell
Photo of Dean Campbell

Since joining the TSB in 2019, Dean shifted though many roles jumping in wherever asked. He’s received constant accolades for his hard work, motivation, team spirit and the quality of service he provides. 

When proposing ideas, Dean ensures that he is able to provide context and well-documented arguments, demonstrates a willingness to address management issues/concerns, and provide appropriate follow-up.

Following the tragedy involving Flight PS752 in early 2020, Dean joined Global Affairs Canada's Emergency Operations Center to represent the TSB and continued, through 2020-21, to get involved in the file at the communications level, all in a proactive manner.

As part of the Watchlist 2020 release, Dean managed the project to create the promotional videos with an outside vendor. His role was to be limited to coordinating the files, but Dean quickly took over the project to ensure its delivery. He collaborated with our modes and coordinated the numerous rounds of feedback with unparalleled professionalism, despite certain challenges such as tight deadlines and limited availability of collaborators.

Through his versatility, creativity, dedication and exemplary customer service, Dean demonstrates exemplary potential and is undoubtedly a rising star.

Ryan Libech

Ryan Libech
Photo of Ryan Libech

Ryan started at the TSB just as COVID-19 hit. He attended and completed training as an active participant and has received numerous compliments for his contributions in courses such as IHOF, Indigenous Training, and more.

With class 4 investigation A20P0105, Ryan was given his 1st shot at IIC, taking over the lead for this investigation, a short time after the occurrence. Ryan never skipped a beat and was able to coordinate team meetings, direct his team as required, and ask for assistance when needed. Ryan worked through the ISIM with little to no supervision, he conducted thorough research, and drafted a very high-quality investigation report requiring minimal editing, within the allotted timelines.

Ryan has provided assistance on numerous other class 4 investigations, as well as a class 3 investigation (A21P0018), where he deployed for the 1st time without issue. He continues to support this Class 3 investigation with both his hands-on technical knowledge, as well as his expertise on the applicable policies. Ryan is a highly valued member of the Air Branch, and demonstrates outstanding potential as a TSB investigator. As such, Ryan is very deserving of The Rising Star Award.