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Information for first responders

The first persons arriving at an accident site can render valuable assistance to minimize injury and loss of life, reduce property loss through damage and fire, and prevent loss of clues and evidence as to the factors that contributed to the accident. Often, emergency services, police, fire departments, and ambulances are the first trained personnel (first responders) to be deployed to transportation accident sites.

When an accident or incident occurs, the TSB may send a team of investigators to the site. An investigator-in-charge (IIC) will lead this team. The size of the team will depend on the occurrence type and complexity. Dispatch and travel to the site can take time, depending on the distance from the Transportation Safety Board office responding to the occurrence. The IIC will liaise with first responders to indicate the IIC's intentions and to ensure appropriate steps are taken to control access to the site and to preserve evidence.

The following summarizes actions by first responders in support of TSB's investigation:

The following summarizes actions by the TSB team after it arrives at the accident site:

Report an occurrence