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Air Transportation Safety Issue Investigation Report A17O0038
Runway incursions examined

Data examined in this investigation were gathered from the Transportation Safety Board’s Aviation Safety Information System (ASIS), Transport Canada’s Civil Aviation Daily Occurrence Reporting System (CADORS), NAV CANADA’s Aviation Occurrence Reporting System, and the safety management system records of several air operators for the period encompassed by this investigation (12 June 2012 to 12 November 2017). This period was selected to include all relevant events between the date of the last incursion studied by the previous two external investigations (See investigation report section 1.3.1) and the drafting of this investigation’s report.

Runway incursions examined in this investigation
Date Day or night Intersection Aircraft type Country of operator
2012-06-12 Day D4 B737-700 Canada
2012-07-12 Day Uncertain* B737-800 U.S.
2012-07 Uncertain D4 CRJ-100/200 U.S.
2012-08 Night D3 CRJ-900 U.S.
2012-11-27 Night D2 CRJ-100/200 U.S.
2012-11-29 Night D4 DHC-8-400 Canada
2012-12-19 Night D4 A320 U.S.
2013-03-27 Day D4 CRJ-700 U.S.
2013-04-02 Day D6 CRJ-900 U.S.
2013-06-03 Day D4 CRJ-100/200 U.S.
2013-06 Uncertain D4 CRJ-100/200 U.S.
2013-07-25 Day D6 B767-300 Canada
2013-09-02 Day D6 CRJ-700 U.S.
2013-12-13 Night D5 CRJ-900 Canada
2014-07 Uncertain D4 CRJ-100/200 U.S.
2015-07 Uncertain D4 CRJ-900 U.S.
2015-08-02 Day D4 CRJ-900 U.S.
2015-12-04 Night D4 ERJ-145 U.S.
2016-05-09 Day D6 CRJ-900 U.S.
2016-06-13 Day D5 CRJ-900 U.S.
2016-08-16 Day D4 CRJ-900 U.S.
2017-03-22 Day D3 CRJ-700 U.S.
2017-04-20 Day D3 ERJ-145 U.S.
2017-06-20 Day D4 ERJ-170 U.S.
2017-08-08 Day D4 ERJ-175 U.S.
2017-08-14 Day D6 ERJ-170 U.S.
2017-11-17 Night D6 B767-300 Canada

* Some specific details of individual occurrences remain uncertain because they were not recorded during the initial investigation of those occurrences and they could not be determined with certainty after the fact.